Light and friendly studio
Outside recordings at the location requested by you
Amplification for your classical concert
Own label

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From the recording and the production master, the burnt CD at small quantity, prints in black-and-white or movement pattern as well as SUISA-registration: Your request will be thoroughly clarified, so that in the end you will really receive what you wished for. The only thing you have to do yourself is playing.

Outside recordings with an 8-track-recorder or direct hard disk-recording, so that a later mixing in the studio will be possible!

Improvisiertes Studio bei Aufnahme im winterlichen Vézelay (Burgund)

Recordings are always a matter of confidence and a pleasant atmosphere of everybody involved. Only a personal contact will show whether the "chemistry" is all right. Feel free to contact me without any obligation!

Recording room
32 m2, height 2.45 m

Central control room / equipment / recording possibilities:
Hard disk recording (ProTools with various plug-ins, 24 or 16 Bit, up to 18 channels I/O)
Tape Recording on 8-track DTRS (24 or 16 Bit) or DAT (with fitting on base of harddisk recording)
Mastering on SonicWORX

DPA 4003 (2 x) (formerly Brel & Kjaer); 
Neumann KM 184 (4 x)
AKG C 480 (2 x) with various heads,
C 4000, C 3000, C 1000S (2 x), D 112, C 418 (4 x)
Beyerdynamic CV 720 (2 x, with various heads)

Drumset Yamaha Stage Custom with cymbals Sabian HH/AAX; guitar preamplifier POD, bass effect Korg A5 as well as several instruments